Collecting Football Programmes

Every football fan has at some point or another attended a match and bought a match day programme. For some this is a regular thing, and every time they watch their team they buy the football programme for that match. For others it is a rarer occurrence, the programme being bought especially because its the big local derby or the cup final.

It's great fun to skim through the pages of an old programme, for some it can take them back to a particular match they attended in their childhood. Just flicking the pages can bring back long lost memories of the match itself and all the sites and sounds which accompanied it. The adverts in the programme can also bring back memories of how life was back in those days something which is easy to forget in the modern day.

While for many the programme ultimately ends up in the bin, maybe by way of the loft, where it is kept for a few years, or straight after a game. Some are kept in pristine condition by their owners and its always great to have the opportunity to own these. has been designed to match up buyers with collectors and avid fans who had held onto their programmes over the years. Often for the price of a pint you can find the programme for the game that has always stuck in your memory.

If you are lucky you might just find someone who has decided to dispose of their collection of programmes.  The value of the collection will depend on both the condition of the programme, rusty staples and folds typically reduce the value, and the scarcity of the programme.

We have listed the programmes available by football team, so just click on your team on the right hand side and see what is available today. Football programmes are being added daily, so even if we don't have what you are looking for it may well be here tomorrow.