Celtic Football Programmes

Celtic football programmes. We stock a huge selection of Celtic programmes and memorabilia for sale.  Our stock is updated every day and includes old, rare and hard to find collectible football programmes.

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Our stock of Celtic Football Programmes covers all eras of Celtic's illustrious history, and has included programmes from the games played in 1967 European Cup run against Dukla Prague, FK Vojvodina, FC Nante and FC Zurich.  We also stocked the European Cup Final Programme against Inter Milan on 25 May 1967 in Lisbon and the programme from the losing 1970 European Cup Final against Feynord.

Programmes have also been listed from the Scottish Cup final win against Aberdeen in 1937, which is famous for having a world record attendance of 147,365, a record which still stands today.

More recent programmes include the UEFA Cup Final against Porto in Seville, May 2003 and programmes from the various legs played in the run up to the final including programmes for games against Boavista of Portugal, Liverpool of England, Blackburn Rovers of England, Stuttgart of Germany, Celta Vigo of Spain and Suduva of Lithuania.