European Cup Final Football Programmes

European Cup Final football programmes for sale.  We stock programmes for all of the European Cup Finals up until this competition ended in 1992.  After this, the tournament was called the Champions League and programmes for this can be found here.  Our stock is updated daily so please bookmark this page and come back regularly.

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Old European Cup Final Programmes are always in great demand, especially those which featured British teams in the final.  Highly sough after programmes include

  • Celtic v Inter Milan, 1967
  • Manchester United v Benfica, 1968
  • Celtic v Feyenoord, 1970
  • Liverpool v Borussia Mönchengladbach, 1977
  • Liverpool v Club Bruge, 1978
  • Nottingham Forest v Malmo, 1979
  • Nottingham Forest v Hamburg, 1980
  • Liverpool v Real Madrid, 1981
  • Aston Villa v Bayern Munich, 1982
  • Liverpool v Roma, 1984
  • Liverpool v Juventus, 1985